As we continue to add new members at our club level, many of the District Clubs will qualify for additional recognition ... provided that you make the effort to meet the requirements.
Several years ago, Optimist International adopted a standard Club and District Recognition Program to recognize those clubs that contributed to the growth of Optimism in their local communities.

Clubs only receive a Club recognition if they meet the minimum requirements and the Club executive make sure that all the "paperwork" is submitted by specific due dates.  This tutorial will explain the three "Club Recognition Awards" and how to meet those requirements.

This year, Optimist International officially retired the CPA Binder and completely changed how clubs submit a CPA.  Learn more about the changes and what you need to do to compete for an award.
Prepared by:  Optimist International
The Community Projects Awards (CPA) Program is an annual competition that recognizes Clubs for the projects they sponsor within their communities.  Prior to 2012-13, clubs would complete a multi-page report and include copies of material that they used to run a community service project or fund raiser.  Those reports would be placed in a binder and then judged at the District 1st Quarter meeting each fall.

Starting with the 2012-13 Optimist year, the CPA program is all digital! The digital entry process encourages participation, streamlines the submission process and provides the best possible resource for Clubs looking for new project ideas. 

A brief tutorial on how to submit this year's Club Officer Election Report (COER) in your Optimist Leaders club page.
Prepared By:  Opt Wendy Skoretz and Opt Gord Welling
Optimist International requires that each club submit a "Club Officer Election Report" (COER) by May 20th each year to report the election of the incoming President and election/appointment of the incoming Secretary and Treasurer.  Each club has two options:
  • complete a paper form and mail it to distribution list specified on the bottom of the form, OR
  • submit an online COER from
This article will explain the procedure for the online COER submission.